Corporate Domicile

  • Use our business address as your own registered seat or corporate domicile
  • A company sign by mutual consent
  • A mail forwarding service to any address in the world

Mail Forwarding Service

We will process your mail and forward it to your address

  • either daily, weekly or monthly according to the client’s specifications
  • by post or by courier – whichever is more convenient
  • same day advice of mail received by E-mail and SMS

Postage cost will be charged monthly.

Telephone – Fax – Email

We offer you a contact that may be printed on your business cards:

  • free E-mail address:
    The Office Domicile Center will use this address to alert you to your received mail and fax messages
  • your own fax number – received messages will automatically be forwarded to E-mail
  • your own telephone number – phone calls will be forwarded

Telephone number use may be retained after cessation of use of the Office Domicile Center.